I have been asking Reto for legal advice on a regular basis over +/- twenty years. I will only mention the following two opportunities when collaborating with him, since they are the most relevant: The first opportunity was when he provided a review and helped formulate a complex IT services contract when I worked for Infosys (a global IT company with currently over 200’000 employees). Back then I was an account manager for the branch in Switzerland. The second opportunity was when he successfully represented me in court because one of my employers years back did not want to fulfil its contract obligations towards me as an employee. In both cases I have been more than completely satisfied with the services of Reto. He is a very competent lawyer who works based on principles and not interests. When working with him I had the feeling that the main purpose for Reto being a lawyer is to help people the best that he can. I would anytime ask for his services again.