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Reto Hauser

HAUSER PARTNERS has existed since 2003, first domiciled at the location Balsberg, Zurich Airport, since 1st of February 2022 located at The Circle 6, Zurich Airport.

Our focus of services includes Corporate and Contract Law, Claims Enforcement, Criminal Law, Law of Succession, Family Law, Labour Law and IT-Law national and international.

Our clients are German or English speaking individuals or companies in Switzerland and abroad.

We can welcome you either at The Circle or in the R2 Tower in Wallisellen.

Cooperation (external) with:

Bich Ngoc Huynh

Bich Ngoc Huynh

In the field of financial accounting, paralegal and legal advice (esp. enforcement, migration, work).

Michele Imobersteg

Michele Imobersteg

Business Solicitor, MLaw, MLP-HSG, in the field of business law, succession planning and corporate restructuring, https://meinjurist.ch.

Dr. Michael Görke

Lawyer, in the field of claim and debt collection and enforcement Switzerland – Germany, https://görke.net.

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